• 1 cent will be donated for every podcast stream/download recorded by Anchor, who hosts my podcast. (I make on average 5 cents a stream, so 20% will go to charity)


  • $1 will be donated for every book I sell, whether it's an ebook, or paperback through Amazon. (I make anywhere between $3-4 per book sold, so 25-33% to charity)


  • Any other source of income I make (merchandise, speaking fees, financial advising/coaching, sponsorships) I will donate 10% of that to charity.



So, when I started this project, I stopped for a day, and asked, "What's the point?" It was really hard to convince myself it wasn't out of spite for losing my job at Bank of America. I worked there because I wanted to help people. That was something ironically enough Bank of America didn't want me to do. They wanted me to sell sell sell and forget that there are people who need financial guidance. 

I worked there for 13 years, and overcame a lot of stress and anxiety from the high stress and no-care culture of a retail bank. I made my goals and then some every quarter, and then I would go home and sleep and cry for hours. I gained 100 pounds in six years. I hated waking up in the morning.

My mental health was seriously challenged there, and what I saw was my great, honest hard-working clients impacted by the stress of callous overdraft and maintenance fees, apathetic mortgage officers, low-staff and underwhelming service by all of the bank's channels. I had so many people cry in my office because my bank didn't allow me to refund fees for them.

Their mental health was challenged by the BIG BAD BULLY THAT IS THE BANK. I couldn't take it anymore after I left.


Per my commitment up top, I will donate a good chunk of net revenue that my Bank Screwed US / Why Your Bank Sucks Projects will make to charities of my choosing listed below.