Why Your Bank Sucks

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Episode 1: Bank of America's ATM Debacle

Episode 2: Saturdays


Welcome to Why Your Bank Sucks!

This is the podcast that is dedicated to exposing corruption, unethical sales tactics, and insanely bad customer relations experiences within the consumer banking industry.

Here is the most recent episode of the WHY YOUR BANK SUCKS PODCAST on this player below.
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Learn how to spend money more efficiently, yet not have to sacrifice. Learn about people with interesting jobs/hobbies, and how they budget. We will also have listener questions about how to make their financial lives better and more fun! (Contains Adult Content)

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Blog serving as your published complaint guide about major banks.

TheBankScrewed.US is a blog that I created that will be a de-facto complaint department for all major banks. Users will submit their bank horror stories, complaints, and concerns on our Twitter or Facebook pages or by email. We will then post, with their permission, details of their bank horror story in a blog post.

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