Why Your Bank Sucks

This is the podcast that is dedicated to exposing corruption, unethical sales tactics, and insanely bad customer relations experiences within the consumer banking industry.

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April 9, 2019

Bank of America Raises Minimum Wage to $20

Bank of America announces that it will pay a $20 minimum wage. Sounds good right? Even I can't think that's bad...Right?

Haha Yes, I can. Not for reasons why you think.



April 8, 2019

Modernizing The Bank: We Are Replacing Tellers with Couches and Wi-FI???

So the solution to making the bank modern is to not have your butt hurt on a lumpy couch or chair apparently.

Bank of America's Press Release on April 5th about the drive to modernize 2500 branches made me laugh and cringe, and you should as well!



April 2, 2019

Bank of America Commits $5 Billion to "Help" Low and Middle Income Home Buyers aka Countrywide Part 2, Electric Boogaloo

So... Bank of America decided to give away $5 Billion of its own money today to the same people it doesn't want in its bank anymore so they can buy a house? Sounds legit.

Bank of America, the same company who bought you Countrywide, which was the worst thing to ever happen to home loans is back for a sequel...AND THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL!



April 1, 2019

How Bank of America Treats Older People

 Don't you immediately think of older folks when you walk into a bank?I do. As a former banker, older clients were about half the people I saw in a given day. I loved talking to them and dealing with them. I wish the same could be said about Bank of America.



March 25, 2019

Apple is now more than a technology company. They are now in the banking industry with the launch of the Apple Card today. It's the next generation of how people will use credit...unless bigger banks have their way






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