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Letter to NIAC in support of their letter to Bank of America





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July 26, 2019
Iranian-Americans, Iranian Students, and Bank of America - How BofA Discriminates Against a Group of People + A Zelle VM

I worked in two college towns in my tenure at Bank of America, and one of my greatest joys was meeting all the new international students each semester. Students from all over the world would attend school in my hometowns and new friends were made. Iranian students were always regulars in my banks. Helping them as a teller all the way up to manager, I noticed Bank of America started treating this great clients, who had excellent deposit histories, and accounts with very few issues really harshly.

Account openings became epic, lasting over two hours, while I had to call a secret dept. within Bank of America to get "Approval" to open accounts for people with valid IDs. Random freezings and closings of their accounts, leading to times where money was not available and bills had to be paid.

How can a bank treat a group of people so bad? I worked there 13 years, and I don't even know. This podcast is a really serious one, spurred by a recent Twitter post of a letter from the NIAC (National Iranian American Council)

July 22, 2019
Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan's Interview on CNBC: Too Dull For Cable TV

Brian Moynihan, the CEO/Scarecrow of Bank of America showed up on CNBC's Mad Money with Jim Cramer to discuss BofA's record qtr. What I got was a 10 1/2 min interview that I was able to do an hour podcast on. This is part 1 of 2 media interview podcasts I will do on Moynihan.

July 19, 2019
Bank of America Made $7.3 Billion This Quarter, But Was Too Cheap to Buy a $2 Box of Rubber Bands For Us 5 Years Ago

Bank of America made $7.3 Billion, Wells Fargo made $6.2 Billion, and JP Morgan Chase made $9.7 Billion in the last three months. Cause to celebrate? Sure why not? It's America and they are doing the America thing: Making Money. On today's podcast, I decide not to talk the technical aspects of the earnings report, I just reminisce with a few stories about how goddamn cheap Bank of America was during my tenure over there, nearly putting 2 eyes out over a matter of $2.

I discuss office supply cheapskated-ness along with depriving children of the one thing that silences them when going to the bank, all in the name of penny pinching.

I try to make my horrible experiences there a little entertaining for you.

July 15, 2019
Divorces, Single Parents, & Banking

Growing up poor and in a single parent household, I saw the financial struggles of how it's hard to make it in this world. In this podcast, I share my experiences growing up, and how single parenthood and divorce really impacted my mom's finances. This includes a home loan that my mother got from.. Countrywide Home Loans, which became a subsidiary of Bank of America a dozen years ago. Learn how sub-prime loans took my mom's dream and foreclosed on it, all while I was working for Bank of America.

I also share what I applied to discussions with single parents and people divorcing/breaking up in my office as a banker for BofA. I discuss how I even took advantage of these "horrible life events" for the purposes of sales growth. I also share some interesting stories of what I saw personally between people that made me reevaluate how I banked as I got married.

July 10, 2019
James & His Personal Debit Card Hell

I have had debit cards since they have been called "Check Cards". They were my first conduit to banking, and now all these years later, the bane of my existence. Though I love my debit card, it has brought so much undue stress over the years.

I recently had to get my card replaced after 8 years of having the same number because of a BS charge (don't buy magazines), and it gave me flashbacks to 2011, when Bank of America decided it would be cool to charge $5/month for your debit card which already makes them money. It was a horrible to time to work at BofA, and even worse that I became a supervisor on that same day.

July 4, 2019
Bank of America Takes A Stand Against Loaning to Private Prisons (Right After Loaning $90M) + Hungry, Hungry ATMs

Bank of America ticked off so many people on the conservative side when they were the last major bank to take a stand against Private Prisons that have been in the news lately with the immigration debate (No politics on this podcast)

They promised not to loan any money.....one week after they loaned $90 million that will essentially make them $1.7 Million in interest a year.

James Baca will tell you how it's possible to piss off both sides of the debate with the same action. BofA did it!

Plus, I go over an epidemic with ATMs accepting cash deposits without crediting clients. What's worse? BofA is declining these claims in droves. My vigilante customer service is working hard to figure out why this is. Learn about my theory in this podcast.

June 28, 2019

A Notary Seal of (Dis)Approval - How Big Banks Blow Off Notary Service + Emails

Today's Podcast discusses something I practiced against my wishes at Bank of America, and which is going on at branches across the land. The denial of a simple free service, notary public service, because it "diminishes sales opportunity". Learn how I, along with the bank as a whole found reasons to blow off those in need of a simple stamp, citing "things wrong with the document" and refusing to do it for anyone who didn't have an appointment. It's the most f-ed up thing for people who are agents for their state

June 24, 2019

Bank of America CEO Says He Wants "A Cashless Society" - He Must've Just Watched "Demolition Man"

Brian Moynihan was channeling his inner Dr. Cocteau last week when he announced at a conference that eventually he would like a "cashless society". What happened after those comments were made was simply astounding. Crypto advocates saw it as BofA coming to their side, and other news sources mentioned that cash is still king in a lot of places.

But did he really mean what he said? I think so, but not in the way you think. He wants us all to be Swedes... What?

People think he meant crypto, but he really meant... your kids piggy bank? Machines that shake pieces of paper to eliminate people shaking paper deposits? Surge pricing for illicit purchases or late night purchases? Declining what BofA THINKS you don't need?

June 19, 2019

Crypto or GTFO: Facebook Currency? + How to go to Target Without Spending at least $100 - CC Outage at One of the Biggest Stores!

Opening mentions the rescue of another $3000 with Vigilante Customer Service!!!
We take on Evil Zelle and Bank of America and win for Jessica and Aaron!!

Facebook gets into crypto!

The app known for sharing memes is about to embark on a journey to take on Big Banks. With Partners like Visa, MC, Uber, and Paypal, Facebook looks to be more than a time suck. They want to be your financial institution. Learn why I think toothpaste when I think Libra, and also learn why I think since BofA and Wells aren't partners, they will target those who use their banks for Libra just like they do for Crypto.

Also learn about Saturday's Target CC Outage, and how it gave me PTSD Flashbacks of the 2013 breach!

Learn how closures of banks will lead to clients without debit cards for weeks when it's found out that this was more than a maintenance error! Learn why press releases mean nothing here.


June 15, 2019

I Hate Zelle Part 2: NBC Reports What I've Told You For Months + A Flag Day Story + Listener Feedback

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"

ZELLE! We talk about an NBC Nightly News Segment outlining fraud and Zelle... Things I have told you about for weeks and months!

I play clips of the report, and give my honest feedback of it. Note: They missed one GLARING thing about Zelle's sucky-ness! You will hear me yell(e)!!!

Before that, in honor of Flag Day this week, I discuss how a Twitter Follower reminded me of an incident at my branch with our American Flag and Flagpole that will upset a lot of people. (Blame Management)

Plus, I respond to an email who claimed that I must've sucked at my job to be complaining about banks all the time now. I respond (Spoiler Alert: He's not totally wrong.)
Tons of bank smack talking fun in this episode. Our mission: To destroy Zelle and get it out of our lives!!!!!


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